Monday, March 19, 2018

Aaah! Zombies! (2007)

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The general idea for this film is cute. Four longtime friends turn into zombies and the survival story is told from their point of view. They meet up with a soldier who is also infected and can give them a little insight about their new condition. As their merry band grows, they strike out for a land of their own. It's not a bad idea.

Unfortunately, the execution of the story doesn't quite work.

The idea that the zombies can't see themselves is a little corny, but pair with constant flashing between what they see and what everyone else sees... well, it gets a bit annoying. Add to that the fact that the living apparently speak faster than the dead, and the only people who can't see the zombies for what they are are people who have had too much to drink... it makes sense, but it doesn't really play well on screen. The film isn't meant to be taken seriously, but the constant jumping back and forth makes it downright silly.

This film also presents a wonderful example on how sometimes CG is not the way to go. I understand that the zombie-inducing liquid glows lime green, but it just seems too cartoonish...especially when the "living vision" scenes are done in black and white.

On the plus side, the zombie makeup was fun and did work well in the black-and-white scenery.

Is it a funny movie? Well, it did have its moments, but it wasn't on par with other zombie comedies like Shaun of the Dead or Fido.

Overall, I was disappointed with it. It had the potential, but in my opinion just didn't work out well in the presentation.

Film information: Aaah! Zombies (aka Wasting Away)

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