About The Reviews

 "Those who can, do. Those who can't, critique."

Not in this case.

The reviewers here are people who have worked in the film industry. You'll get the point of view from writers, directors, actors, etc... not just people who like watching movies.

We all have a great respect and understanding as to how much blood, sweat, and tears the cast and crew pour into a project. That being said, we strongly urge readers not to completely write off any particular director, actor, writer, or crew person just because a film didn't get a sparkling review. (Besides, we'll all freely admit that some of our work in film sucks too!)

That being said, these reviews may be a little different from your average film critic column. We try to keep our opinions tailored for a general viewing audience, but our specialized areas do sometimes get in the way of that.

There are several different reviewers for This Critic Is Not Yet Rated, who are all kept anonymous because they actively work in the industry.