Monday, April 2, 2018

Dark Ride (2006)

A psycho-killer wrecks havoc within the walls of an old scary amusement park ride… no, we’ve never seen this before!

Of all the Horrorfest 2006 films I’ve seen so far, this is hands-down my least favorite of the series. Strangely enough, this was the film in the series on the top of my must-see list. Too bad the bloke who wrote the promotional synopsis was more convincing than the actual scriptwriter!

Asides from being terribly predictable, in the I-Can-Name-That-Ending-In-Three-Scenes sort of way, it is also poorly executed. There are only two good things I really have to say about this film.

First of all, the sets are pretty interesting, if not scary in a dark kind of way but rather scary in a ha-ha way. Not the typical cart ride in a box like you’d find at Coney Island. The “Dark Ride” here reminds me of a few haunted attractions that I've been through at over the years and at one point in the film it mentions having twenty-five rooms (although I only counted about eight.) But I can appreciate the décor of a horror attraction with a budget.

Secondly, however unrealistic and improbable, there is a decapitation scene that seems to literally play off as a pun about “giving head”, for which I’ll give kudos for creativity.

Otherwise it’s no different than your regular garden-variety slasher flick, complete with hulking masked killer, over-sexed boys, and those ever-present annoying bitchy girls that you cheer for as soon as they buy the farm.

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