Monday, September 25, 2017

Love Comes to the Exectioner (2006)

What does one do with a master's degree in Latin? Become a state executioner, of course... or at least that's how it works in this quirky film about Heck, an optimistic young man whose family tree is full of killers and neer'-do-wells. Armed with a degree in classic languages and looking for work as a teacher, Heck finds the only available position in his small town comes with a trade-off... he can teach Latin to convicts as long as he agrees to moonlight as the official executioner.

Did I mention Heck's family is full of killers? His father was executed years earlier and presently his brother sits on the death row of the very prison Heck is employed at. And just to make it funny, so his his brother's girlfriend, whom Heck falls head-over-heels in love with.

This is a very dark comedy that has a cast of strange characters in even stranger situations. While at times it threatens to go a little too far over the top, it has some very entertaining scenes as Heck learns his new trade and deals with a variety of interesting clients. The main characters are played straight, and the film doesn't come across as being dumb-downed silly despite the potential it has to cross that line.

The film also has a few messages tucked within its story in regards to the decline of civilization and on prison and capital punishment issues.

I found the film really enjoyable to watch.

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