Friday, September 29, 2017

Smiley (2012)

We all know about how fast urban legends can spread around the internet. This film is about a particularly nasty one with a serial killer who kills anyone you want by sending them an instant message with a certain phrase in it.  Of course, doing so also puts you on the killer's radar too.

As far as social media horror films go, this one is pretty good.  It does a great job of keeping you guessing about whether the legend is based in reality or if  there's just a really smart maniac out there who is hacking into systems to find his victims.

It does have it's moments where it gets a little too blurred, leaving some big questions unanswered by the time the end credits roll. For that, it loses some points with me.

The acting was fairly good and believable, at least for the most part. Again, things get confusing and the characters start becoming a little too good or bad at things.

Overall, it was enjoyable to watch. Not the best film in its sub-genre, but worth a peek.

Film Info: Smiley 

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