Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Choose (2011)

This film involves a villain with a terrifying manner of torturing his victims. He presents them with choices that are extremely hard to make. That idea alone made me want to give this film its day in court. While it smells a bit like the Saw series, the differences were strong enough to not to have me chalk it up as just being a rip-off of the Jigsaw killer. "Scar Lip"  is much more hands-on and all his crimes are personal.

It starts out strong. The crimes spark the memory of Fiona, a young woman who recalls a strange sentence in her own mother's suicide note and begins to draw a connection between the two. It's a typical game of Let's-find-the-motive as each victim becomes a piece of the puzzle.

However, it gets very sloppy at the end. Disappointingly so. For such a great build-up, the big showdown in final ten minutes is, well... blah. I'm not saying that it's bad enough to completely ruin the film, but I will say that it felt like a cheat. Or maybe I'm just one of those people who believe that you can't just cover a weak ending with a gallon of blood and nobody will notice.

Overall it's not a bad film for folks who are into "Torture Porn Lite".

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