Friday, January 5, 2018

Unfriended (2014)

A film that is shot almost entirely with the camera focused on a computer screen sounds like it would get old very fast. That's the expectation I had when I started watching it.  We follow the adventure of the mouse arrow clicking on various buttons and showing us searches, articles, and Youtube videos that tell the story of a teenage girl who killed herself after her friends posted a particularly embarrassing video of her online.

And then the video chat room opens and we meet some of those cruel friends.  Shortly afterward, things start to get pretty interesting with the appearance of another user who seems to have hijacked the dead girl's account.

Unfriended is surprisingly good for a film that was made to look like it was shot on a webcam. It's very creative with showing us what horrible things are happening with it's limited POV.

The acting is believable, for the most part. In a few places it seemed a little choppy but nothing too distracting.

But it's the cleverness with how it was done that really makes it stand out. It shows us just enough so the viewer knows what's going on at all times with each of the characters. And while revenge is an old plot theme, it breathes a bit of freshness into it.

I was very impressed.  I wouldn't call it scary so much as I would entertaining.

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