Monday, January 8, 2018

Titus (1999)

Quite simply, this is a beautiful film and I count it as being among my favorites.
Titus is an adaptation of the Shakespeare play "Titus Andronicus", starring Anthony Hopkins in the title role and Jessica Lange as Tamora, queen of the Goths.

For those familiar with the play, you know that it is a bloodbath. Titus returns to Rome after conquering the Goths and finds himself shoved into the slime that is ancient Roman politics. After making a bad decision for which his entire family pays a very heavy price, Titus seeks revenge on his enemies in the most horrific way possible.

Although bloody and dark, the film is incredibly imaginative. The dialog is true to Shakespeare, but the settings and costumes are more fantasy-modern.

Hopkins plays his role of a soldier-gone-mad extremely well, and the supporting cast is very strong. A bit of dark humor is scattered among some of the more tragic scenes, and those played out with the utmost seriousness are visually stunning.

Even those who hated English Literature in school may well find this film worth watching.

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