Monday, January 22, 2018

Hunger (2009)

First of all, let me start by saying that looking for any additional information on this film, or to find the DVD to purchase, can be a real hassle. It seems that there are dozens of films by this title, and many that are far more popular than this particular film.

I stumbled across this little gem of a suspense film while looking through films available on cable. The description didn't give me a lot of high hopes for it. "Five people wake up to find themselves trapped and don't remember how they got there." Sounds like the description for at least six other films I've seen.

But Hunger stands out. It is certainly a horror film, but the suspense and psychological terror is played heavily here. Five people imprisoned with plenty of water, but no food. How long before they start determining who among them would be tastiest? They are housed relatively comfortably, so it's not an Alive situation where they can just wait for nature to take its course and snack on the corpses.

While I wouldn't say that the acting was outstanding, I will say that the characters were believable. The man who put them all there was the weakest link, in my opinion. But the story really wasn't about him... it was about his unwilling test subjects. The alliances they form, the plots they hatch, the measures they take to make themselves too valuable to be eaten by their fellow prisoners.

Like most films of its kind, it does start off slow. The suspense builds as the days go on. The ending is clever. I'd call it a good "rainy day movie".

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