Friday, January 19, 2018

Dear Mr Gacy (2010)

I read The Last Victim, the book written by Jason Moss many years ago, and was surprised to find a film adaption.

And very much like the book, I felt that there were an awful lot of creative liberties being taken when it comes to how sociopaths and college students interact and how lax prison security can be. I could be very wrong, but I have my doubts that I am. I've not been able to find any verification, save for quite a few people out there who felt Moss was full of it too.

I knew it was going to be an interesting film nonetheless, given what is known of John Wayne Gacy and his various pen-pals while sitting on death row.

Gacy is very well portrayed by William Forsythe. He's disturbing yet respectable one minute, and then he makes you terribly uncomfortable the next. Hands down, the best I've seen when it comes to tackling Gacy's character.

Jesse Moss plays Jason Moss, (There is no relation between the two) a boy who decides to do a project for school on the inner-workings of Gacy's mind by posing as the perfect victim. Given the questionable material provided by the Moss-author, I thought that Moss-actor was pretty convincing.

There is a fair dose of disturbing conversation here. Gacy leaves few taboo stones unturned in his correspondence with the young man... everything from suggesting prostitution as an easy way to make money to having sex with his younger brother for kicks. It can get uncomfortable, but it doesn't even cover half of the claims made in the book.

Regardless of the questionable "true" part in this Based On A True Story film, it is worth taking a peek at.

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