Monday, December 11, 2017

Vantage Point (2008)

I liked how the story was presented in this film. The idea was to see a terrorist attack from the point of view from several different characters, each one obtaining a clue as to how everything went down. We watch the combination assassination and bombing from the vantage point of a newscast producer, a tourist, the president of the United States, a local policeman, an FBI agent, and then from the terrorists themselves.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed that the film didn't really give its viewers the opportunity to try to figure out the mystery for themselves. While the whole attack plan was clever in its execution, little clues that should have made it a fun "whodunnit?" experience for the viewing audience were withheld early on and then revealed after the lead character was well on his way to solving the case.

This film is pretty fast-paced, so there is no danger of becoming bored with heavy dialog or watching suits sift endlessly through the rubble. So fast-paced that I felt it sacrificed a bit of character development that would have been nice on some of the supporting characters, although I suspect the idea was to keep the atmosphere as confusing as possible to recreate a disaster.

It did keep me entertained and was mixed up enough to keep me guessing as to why certain elements were shown early and why they were important. Not the best terrorist-inspired film I've seen lately, but certainly worth a peek.

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