Friday, December 8, 2017

Ouija : The Origin of Evil (2016)

I'm generally not a fan of possession-type ghost stories. They all seem to follow the same storyline and are fairly predictable.  This one really wasn't different than the others.

However, it was done incredibly well. Creepy kids are always fun, and this one certainly had a lot of that kind of fun!

The story involves a widowed mother of two girls who makes ends meet by acting as a medium. She recruits her kids to help her pull off the parlour tricks, and they seem to have a great little scam going. At least until one of her daughters suggests that they add an ouija board to the act.

Yup, it's all fun and games until somebody gets possessed by an unhappy spirit.

It's a period piece, but at times it had a more modern-day feel to it. That might be due to the CGI effects that do contrast sharply with the 1960s aesthetic.

The story, while predictable, was solid. It unfolded quite believably and the acting was good.  If you are into these kind of supernatural films, you'll probably enjoy this one quite a bit.

Film Info: Ouija: The Origin of Evil

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