Friday, December 29, 2017

It Follows (2014)

What if the AIDS virus donned a hockey mask and started running down promiscuous teenagers one-by-one by following the chain of their sexual history?

It Follows is not subtle about being about the dangers of unprotected sex. The idea that the sexually-transmitted killer could look like anybody and will follow you around relentlessly no matter where you are until  it finally kills you, was pretty interesting.

It is a very creepy film. The "It" part especially, as It is depicted in several characters with varying degrees of creepiness. Bone-chilling, actually.

The story builds up well, making the viewer wonder if the kids will ever find a solution to this pesky problem that keeps killing them off.

But unfortunately, the payoff isn't really there. I think that might have been the point though.  Point or not, it still leaves the viewer a bit disappointed after such a wonderful set up.

The characters are believable and the tone is very dark. Despite the way the story closes, it's still worth a peek.

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