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Sick Girl (2007)

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Sick Girl has somewhat of a reputation for being a controversial film. Unfortunately, it turns out that this review is another one of my Public Service Announcements. Yes, it's that bad.

You know it's pretty bad when the nicest thing I can say about a film has to do with the way they pigmented the blood. Oh yes, there is lots of blood in this one. However, I'm not too terribly clear on why there is a lot of blood.

Near as I can tell, the story is about a girl who decides that murder is the answer to all her brother's bully problems, and then her brother-issue problems, and then her for-the-Hell-of-it problems. She's very vague about it, and if the supporting characters have some deeper insight into the plot they just aren't telling us.

Or maybe they did tell us and we just couldn't hear them. The sound is terrible. I watched this with a friend and we think we heard maybe one good line of dialog in the whole film. Unfortunately, the wretchedness of the rest of the film has both of us forgetting exactly what that line was.

The acting seemed very forced. It was hard to tell if the lead was playing crazy or playing mentally slow. The rest of the characters lacked any type of depth. They were, to put it bluntly, cannon fodder.

And what of the controversy, you might ask? It came in the form of a penis mutilation that evolved into a gross-out rape scene. I would give it points for creativity here, except there really was no reason at all for it. In my opinion, a penis mutilation is the fart joke of torture porn... they are often used to "enhance" a story by adding something guaranteed to make people cringe. (Which makes them a popular gimmick for films that have nothing else going for them.)

Don't get me wrong, I have seen very good use of such mutilations that did add to the story. Hostel Part II used such a mutilation to punctuate a point. Teeth was almost obliged to have one.  But then we have the likes of Sick Girl that seems to just toss one in order to wake up the audience and secure infamy.

Overall, it was hard for me to get through this film (and not because I thought it was gross.)

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