Friday, October 27, 2017

Most Likely to Die (2015)

While preparing for their big high school reunion, former students find themselves being picked off by a disgruntled classmate who is killing them according to how they were voted "most likely" for in school.

This was a fun premise for a horror movie.   Unlike the typical slashers that throw a bunch of teenagers into a house and unleash the slaughter, the characters being adults and therefore making more mature decisions on how to deal with the situation was refreshing.

And the characters were believable, if still fitting into the cast of usual suspects for a film i the genre.

As for the juicy bits, the special effects and creativity of the kills were not disappointing.

All and all, Most Likely To Die doesn't really stand out as being one of the great films of it's kind, but it is certainly worth a watch for horror fans.

Film Information: Most Likely To Die

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