Monday, October 30, 2017

May (2002)

Ever see a film that was so creepy, uncomfortably funny, and aesthetically pleasing that you just couldn't help but love it? Well, that's how I feel about "May".

The story is about a strange woman who works as a vet assistant, is aggressively courted by a female co-worker, falls in love with a handsome bad boy, and considers an old doll in a glass box to be her best friend. May has a thing about seeking perfection, and as her social life improves she realizes that people just aren't perfect all over. Murder and mayhem ensues.

The title character was what really got me. Angela Bettis really did a wonderful job in portraying a social misfit with some very quirky behavior. (You just gotta love a character who happily recounts a particularly gruesome work-related story during a lunch date.) Of course, her love interest has a slightly screwy sense of humor as well - which is illustrated in no uncertain terms by his newly finished student film.

While the pacing seems to drag a bit at some points, the uncomfortable creativity woven into the story keeps it entertaining as it builds to its predictable climax. May herself is so painfully fun to watch, a walking social trainwreck that could have been Drew Barrymore's darker and homicidal sister in Never Been Kissed.

Creepy, funny, and just plain beautiful. Highly recommended.

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