Friday, September 8, 2017

Sinister 2 (2015)

A woman with twin sons moves into a house that was previously the setting for a gruesome murder scene. If you saw the first Sinister film, you know exactly what that means.

Sinister 2 answers a few of the questions that the original movie left to the viewer's imagination. The primary one being what happened to the missing children and how did they became a club of really creative snuff film-makers.

The comic-relief-turned-sleuth deputy returns, this time taking on a much more serious demeanor as he tries to help the family who inadvertently moved into a murder house while trying to escape a completely different kind of nightmare.  And as we know to expect from the original story, one of the two twins is making some new friends who like to watch strange movies.

The home videos here are not nearly as creepy as the first film, although the first one does get some extra points for creativity. The others seem to be more lackluster in the imaginative department, although this time they seemed to be more liberal with blood and gore.

Once again, the music score and sound effects really drive home the creepy factor while some of the CGI effects fall short.

While it's not nearly as chilling as the first Sinister film, it's still worth a viewing.

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