Monday, September 18, 2017

A Perfect Getaway (2009)

Anyone see this yet? If so, how many of you screamed "Bullshit!" during the reveal?

I watched it for the second time this evening just to make sure I was justified in my throw-a-shoe-at-the-screen reaction the first time around. It was so disappointing! They'd been doing such a great job with building suspense and suspicion. And I loved the Mikeo character. But then....


If you are going to go with the least-suspected couple as being the nutjobs... you have to be careful as to what they say in private and what they say in front of other people. The reason I gave it a second day in court was to make damned sure I was right about them talking amongst themselves (and out of earshot of any other characters) about being afraid of who the killers might be and looking suspiciously at others.

I understand that it was supposed to be a big surprise to the audience, but they went too far with the misdirection.

She Says: "Honey, I think the couple we're hanging with might be the killers! We need to make up some excuse to get away from them and just go home!"

He (should have) Says: "Oh, no Dear... those people can't possibly be us. But it's awfully clever of us to sit here whispering to each other in the bushes while they are across the friggin' river and can't hear us talking about how we think they might be the killers, isn't it?"

All I heard was the sound of a screenwriter dropping the ball. It would have been such an easy fix, too. A little double-meaning dialog between those two characters in private would have done the trick nicely and kept the audience guessing. Instead, we're just supposed to forget those whispered conversations ever took place.

And no, I'm not going to buy some lame excuse like they forgot that they were the killers. Nothing in the film implies that either of them suffer from short-term memory loss.

I am really disappointed. I had such hopes, given that it had been one of those rare films that I hadn't already figured out the who-dunnit by using logic and process of elimination. It's a real let-down to find that those things just didn't apply because they blatantly cheated.

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