Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Guardian (1990)

The Guardian was released in 1990, but it really feels like it should be an early 80s film.  Maybe the distributor sat on it for a few years, which was a big mistake.  I say this because if it had been out there among films like Critters and Witchboard it would have been considered to be pretty good for a low-budget supernatural horror flick.

The story involves a couple who are looking for a nanny for their newborn son. The caregiver they wind up with just happens to be a witch who has a habit of feeding newborn children to a tree.

It sounds like a decent premise for building up a good suspense film like The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, but instead it tries to be a horror movie by tossing in a few very random victims and dispatching them with very cheesy special effects.

The characters, or at least how the actors portray them, are also very stereotypical for the 1980s. Snoopy neighbors, anxious parents, and the obligatory mean "gang"  that show up out of nowhere.

The film does have some pretty visuals, and by this I mean the settings.

Overall, I can't say it's a good film. However, it isn't absolutely wretched either.
It falls into that category of being "accidentally campy".

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