Thursday, June 29, 2017

Evil Dead (2013)

I decided to show you the "red band" trailer for this movie so that I wouldn't have to go into pain-staking detail about how this is pretty much a gross-out film. Much like the original film, The Evil Dead, it capitalizes on a bare-bones plot and a lot of blood, gore, and disturbing imagery to make up for that.

So of course, I loved it.

Not that I don't prefer a solid, interesting story to go along with my carnage, but let's face it - this is Evil Dead. It really doesn't need anything more than a bunch of people finding a particular book and being dumb enough to read it out loud. It's for the gorehounds, not the intellectual movie-goers.

So, on that note... yeah, it's very graphic and tries very hard to go a few miles past its original when it comes to the visuals. Given that our current generation of horror movie fans have been numbed by the likes of 28 Days Later and Hostel, I think it does a very nice job of setting the bar a little higher. I saw this in the theatres and enjoyed watching people squirm in their seats, so two thumbs up to the F/X guys on this one!

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