Wednesday, April 13, 2016

To Kill a King (2003)

This film was very good in explaining the conflict between Lord Fairfax (Dougray Scott), General Cromwell (Tim Roth), and the King Charles I (Rupert Everett) which ultimately resulted in the execution of the king and Cromwell taking the short-lived title of "Protector" of the country. For those of you who don’t know the history, I shan’t spoil it for you. Unlike Elizabeth The Golden Age, this film lets you know exactly what’s going on.

My one big complaint was the execution scene. Not how it was done, but rather what wasn’t done. The character of Charles I was played wonderfully arrogant, and Cromwell portrayed in all his sadistic glory, so it surprised me that they did not include the final insult that Cromwell inflicted on the king. You see, the block on which Charles I was beheaded on was only 10 inches tall, which required the king to lay down on the ground (as opposed to kneeling) and this was terribly humiliating for the king. But instead the film gave him a regular block and he got to die with dignity and poise. (It was very well done, in an interesting point-of-view.)

But otherwise I really enjoyed the film, even allowing for the various liberties that were taken in order to make the story run smoothly.

Definitely one that I will be picking up on DVD for my collection.

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