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The Human Centipede (2009)

(Review originaly posted in April 2011)

Have you ever been told by people that you really have to see a film because it's "right up your alley"? Well, I'm beginning to wonder what some folks think about me now! I always thought I had a reputation for being a gorehound, so I sat down to watch this under the assumption that it would be a bloodbath.

I wouldn't call it gory, but I can certainly see how it falls into the "horror" genre.

The Human Centipede tells you right up front what it is about. Yes, a crazy doctor (Dieter Laser) bags himself a few victims and tries to turn them into a multi-segmented abomination of nature. In fact, at one point he even literally spells it out for you in graphic detail with a fun projector display. Once you see what his plans are, you really start hoping that he fails...

But he doesn't.

The film isn't terribly graphic when compared to films like Hostel or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but it certainly doesn't need to be. Behind the bandages, you know what is happening and it is indeed stomach-turning.

I have a deep appreciation for the actors playing the three main victims: Lindsey (Ashley C. Williams), Jenny (Ashlynn Yennie), and Katsuro (Akihiro kitamura) who sacrificed their dignity on the altar of cinema to create this horrifying little story.

As for the Dr. Heiter character, I applaud an actor who has literally gotten "batshit crazy" down to an art form. His facial expressions alone are worth the price of admission.

On the technical side, it is definitely a low-budget indie film but very nicely done. Once you get used to the idea of what being a human centipede entails, it's easy to start admiring the scenery (and the doctor's house!) You might even laugh at the absurdity of the whole training program that the doctor puts his new pet through.

And then the film whacks you again with an utterly horrifying ending.

This film is not for everyone. In fact, I don't think that most people would find it pleasant at all... which is exactly why I enjoyed it. It goes somewhere we haven't seen before and reminds us that torture comes in many different forms and excessive bloodshed is optional.

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