Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Repo! A Genetic Opera (2008)

Musicals are always hit-or-miss with me, so I’m still a little at loss for words when by the time the credits were rolling I found myself with very mixed feelings on this particular film.

To its credit, it is aesthetically pleasing. It’s one of those films where you could take any single frame and want to hang it on your wall as a picture. The story itself was interesting enough to keep my attention, and it is a bloodbath given that the “Repo” part of the title refers to the repossession of internal organs when the patient fails to keep up with his or her payments.

On the downside, the music and lyrics are far-removed from memorable, and even downright silly. I caught myself cringing quite a few times during particularly beautifully shot scenes while my ears were being assaulted by words that seemed to be slapped together because they vaguely rhymed. I couldn’t help but think it was just like a lot of goth sites I’ve encountered over the years… beautiful photography accompanied by bad poetry.

Do the benefits outweigh the detractions? I suppose it depends on your frame of mind. On the one hand, I’d recommend this film to many people I know because I believe they would gush over the costuming, sets, and overall beauty of the visuals. At the same time, I’d also recommend that they hit the “mute” button on their television sets and play their favorite instrumental soundtrack or Italian opera in the background, sort of like I’ve heard in regards to Pink Floyd and The Wizard of Oz.

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