Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Saw V (2008)

(Review originally published in November 2008)

Because I am such a fan of the Saw films, I went and saw the first available showing of this film at 12:01am opening day.

I can say without hesitation that two hours later I am still a fan.

It’s hard to write a proper review without giving something away, so I’m just going to jot down some observations and predictions here.  

As expected, Saw V goes a bit deeper into the inner workings of Jigsaw’s bucket list and begins to give the viewer even more insight to the method of his madness. Obviously he doesn’t recruit by putting an ad in the classified section of the local paper.

Of course, there is the expected fresh batch of victims that leave us wondering how they fit into this elaborate puzzle game, and their task is pretty easy to see if you pay attention to the surroundings. Truth be told, I had the solutions figured out before the puppet stopped talking in all but one of the games. (And that was only because yours truly doesn’t know that much about electricity.)

On the downside, I suspect that some fans may be disappointed because the gore element seems to have toned down and the Jigsaw traps aren’t quite up to the grand scale that we’ve come to expect over the last five years. This film puts the gore on the back burner and focuses more on giving us storyline information that will almost certainly come in useful for Saw VI.

Personally, I’m content with more focus on the story at this point. (Blasphemy, I know.) We know that Jigsaw is a rather crafty bloke, but it’s nice to get more of a grip on his character asides from the apparent demented side. I sincerely believe that the audience is being set up for a Hell of a ride next year.

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