Monday, February 5, 2018

Sex and Death 101 (2007)

Imagine getting an e-mail that lists everyone you've ever had sex with, and every one you ever will have sex with in your life. Now imagine this list has 101 names on it and your fiancée is only #29. What's a guy like Roderick to do? Deciding that one just can't change fate, he goes on an all-you-can-bed sex spree by tracking down everyone on the list... until he discovers that the last name on the print-out belongs to a notorious serial killer whose lovers end up in the morgue.

This film was done by Dan Waters, who also brought us Heathers and it has that same dark comedy feel to it despite starting off looking like a spring break movie. As the story plays on it does a good job transitioning from every man's dream into every man's nightmare.

While the idea for the story is intriguing, it does drag on a little long since Roderick has seventy-one different people to hunt down and screw before he finally meets the black widow character. To make the time go faster, we see a lot of montage and quick campy scenes, peppered with longer pauses to focus on his brief relationships with a select handful of numbered names. However, it probably would have been better if the film was called "Sex and Death 53."

Winona Ryder plays the villain, and I think besides from being under-utilized she was also tucked into that stuck-in-a-role box because every time I saw her on the screen I expected Beetlejuice to pop out.

On the plus side, it does have its funny moments and Roderick does find himself in some unbelievable situations of epic proportions, especially after he realises who he is destined to meet. Simon Baker does a good job with playing the character, and I'd love to see the out-takes with some of the scenes the film-makers put him through.

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