Friday, December 8, 2017

The Den (2013)

The Den is another horror film that revolves around the dangers of social media.  In this case, a site where you randomly meet strangers to video chat with.  A woman decides to study the habits of this kind of chatting with the backing of an educational grant.  However, it's not long before she's chatting with a catfish who has some very nasty surprises in store for her.

The movie has the feel of many other social media and website themed films out there, such as Untraceable and Smiley. It has its creepy moments, but ultimately doesn't stand out as being anything unique.

There are some amusing moments as well, mostly in the antics of what people will do in front of a camera in front of a nice, anonymous audience.

There are some scenes of graphic violence, and they are meant to look very realistic so that the viewer can't tell if they are actual murders or pranks done by the participants of the social forum.

Overall, it's not a bad film. It keeps up the pace well and tells a solid story.

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