Friday, December 22, 2017

A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

Krampus seems to be the new trend in holiday cheer horror films, and A Christmas Horror Story is no exception.  That being said, it's nice to see that Santa Clause is the main focus of the story, and refreshing to see that he's portrayed as being quite the bad-ass.

This movie actually features a few short stories that are all intertwined with Santa being the wraparound. While the short stories are good, they aren't nearly as entertaining as the Santa story which wraps up with a very sweet ending. And by sweet, I mean it's a treat for horror fans.

The special effects, especially the creatures, are done well. The acting is believable and the characters are interesting. You might not always know what's going on, but everything becomes clear by the end.

Yes, this is one of the better Christmas horror films I've seen. It's full of spookiness and gore with a big red bow on top.

Film Info: A Christmas Horror Story

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