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Autopsy: A Love Story (2002)

November is the month for turkeys, so we'll be reviewing some really bad birds!

Charlie works for a crematorium that does some shady business deals on the side with harvesting organs for the medical black market. He lives a miserable existence, complete with answering to an unreasonable boss, dealing with a nagging and clingy not-quite-a-girlfriend, and the occasional conversations with the corpses he works with. But Charlie’s life begins to get very interesting when he is called to pick-up Jane Doe, who was kind enough to commit suicide while taking a bath just so we could check out the goods right away.

Although all the women who are wheeled into the morgue are pleasing to the eye, (one has to wonder if the town was plagued with some fatal epidemic claiming all the local swimsuit models), Jane Doe really gets Charlie’s attention. Completely infatuated with her, so he fixes her hair, takes her out for a picnic in the park, and even introduces her to his mother.

Of course, such romances are not meant to last, especially with the nature of decomposition. 

While the film tries to come off as being either a dark comedy or a horror film, it falls miserably short of being either. Perhaps even more disappointing is that although it is an independent film that went straight-to-video, the film-makers hesitate to break through any taboos about necrophilia. While we are treated to such tender moments such as the couple gazing out the window on a moonlit night, the story chickens out of even implying any of the juicy details about what Charlie might do with his girlfriend once the other employees have left the building.

On the bright side, Charlie does have a couple insightful monologues in regards to his feelings about the dead. However, even the few good one-sided conversations are not enough to save the lackluster story.

While Autopsy promises a peek into the mind of a necrophiliac, the story falls as flat as the suicide jumper in the opening credits.

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