Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Wolves of Wall Street (2002)

It's not uncommon for horror films to have some sort of social commentary hidden (or even blatantly) in their stories. For The Wolves of Wall Street, that theme is purely GREED.

Jeff (William Gregory Lee) moves to the Big Apple in pursuit of his dream to become a high-powered stock broker. After getting placed as an apprentice for the Wolfe Brothers firm lead by super-broker Dyson (Eric Roberts) he learns that there's something very unusual about this company.

Not a bad idea for a movie. The problem is, for the most part it plays like a typical made-for-TV movie on a tiny budget preaching about how terrible stock brokers are. In fact, we are practically bombarded with examples of how terrible these people are with their nothing-else-matters philosophy. But then someone decided to get cute with it and make the brokerage company to be staffed by werewolves.

Well, that's what is implied anyway. We don't actually see any werewolves. This is unfortunate because in this movie the Manhattan skyline has a bright full moon hovering over it every day of the month.

I can't say that I was over-joyed with this film. I can't even say that I enjoyed it just a little bit. It just seemed very one-dimensional and flat to me. The acting seemed both very forced and phony. And, to be frank, much of the plot didn't really make a lot of sense.

Or maybe it's actually a brilliant movie that illustrates how full of it some shyster stock brokers really are. I watched it because I was in the mood for a werewolf film and it seemed to promise the delivery of werewolves. Silly me, I should have known better than to trust anything even remotely related Wall Street!

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