Thursday, December 1, 2016

Dead and Buried (1981)

 Dead and Buried is a zombie movie made back in 1981 that still holds its own as having a unique story.

Visitors to a small coastal town are being horribly murdered, and the locals don't seem to be terribly concerned by the soaring crime rate. When the local sheriff (James Farentino) begins to grow suspicious about the report of a missing person, he discovers that his beloved little town is harboring some unimaginable secrets.

This is one of those often-overlooked gems in the horror genre, having been released during the wake of Friday The 13th and the downpour of slasher films that followed it. It is a surprisingly brutal film, but it doesn't follow the standard formula for either a slasher or a zombie film which may be a turn-off for fans of those genres.

Personally, I found it to be a refreshing breeze during the heyday of slice-'em-up films in the early 80s. But it does seem to be a story that would have been received better either a decade before or after its release. It is a very creepy film, and good for a nostalgic horror flick viewing.

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