Monday, March 14, 2016

The Abandoned (2006)

Of all the 2006 After Dark Horrorfest films, this one is my favorite hands-down. And apparently many people agreed with me on that because it was voted as being Best in Show and rewarded with a regular theatrical run.

Set in a remote part of Russia, The Abandoned follows an American woman’s quest for discovering the truth behind her mysterious origins, since she has just found out about her native inheritance.

After arriving at the old family homestead that no one has kept up with in forty years, Marie (Anastasia Hille) is surprised to meet Nicolia (Karel roden), the brother she never knew she had, who just happened to start seeking out his roots at the same time. That seems to be a pretty common trend among long lost twins.

While romping around the family home, she also runs into some very creepy yet strangely familiar people who seem to have very questionable intentions that they aren’t openly sharing with anyone.

But what really makes this film are the visuals, which are downright disturbing. The story is well-executed, and although it gets slow at some points it still manages to keep the audience interested as it plods through tedious little items that will be useful to know later.

Of all the films in this first season of the After Dark Horrorfest series, I would certainly recommend this one to be put at the top of your viewing list!

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