Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Piranha (2010)

I'll be honest, I barely remember Roger Corman's original film Piranha, but that's probably because I was about twelve when I saw it and I was already a big Jaws fan by then. So when I heard that the film was being re-made in 3D, I figured it would either be a lot of fun or a big waste of time. I'm very happy to say that it was a great deal of fun!

Unlike Jaws, I wouldn't recommend it for small children simply because it is a blood-bath. Well, that, and there is nudity. Oh, and some bloke gets his pecker bitten off and it bobs around in full view of the audience for a while. Yup... not for the kiddies.

But it has the look and feel of an 1980s campy horror flick and the various zombie/mutant/monster flicks that kept us both laughing and screaming in our parachute pants and jelly shoes. It's full of unrealistic bloody FX, bikini-clad women splashing around, drunk teenagers on water crafts, and all the other ingredients for a very campy horror film that doesn't even think about taking itself seriously. And that is what makes it fun!

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