Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Saw VI (2009)

Saw VI - Jigsaw Weighs In On The Health Care Debate

I am speechless. I never, ever thought I would be so impressed with a sixth installment of any horror movie franchise. Usually by now a horror series would forget all about its origins and start going off on crazy tangents or just launching their villains into outer space, Hell, the psycho ward, a big city, or wherever...

Saw VI continues Jigsaw's tale with a very solid story.

Truth be told, and this may seem unbelievable... I was so wrapped up in following the story that I failed to realize that most of the traps were based on execution methods until later.

The gore hounds won't be disappointed. This film marks the highest body count to date. While the traps aren't nearly as complicated as in the first few films, they are quite grisly and add a more uncomfortable emotional element.

I imagine the uncomfortably increases for viewers when you discover who the latest batch of victims are. Poetic justice vs. human compassion is very much in play here, and I suspect that may make some folks a bit anxious. As for myself, I was cheering on Jigsaw's plan all the way.

The story is getting quite complicated, so I'd advise anyone planning to see it to revisit the previous films first. I joke that I'm going to need to bring a flow chart next year for Saw VII). Instead, I have been trying to come up a list of which characters from all movies are still in play. As usual, things are not always as they appear in the Saw Universe.

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