Friday, August 2, 2013

Righteous Kill (2008)

The idea of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino starring in a film together was enough to make me really look forward to seeing this. To be honest, I always thought that their first movie together would cast them as warring mob bosses.

But this was so much better... two longtime police partners who have had just about enough with the quirks in the legal system and have wonderfully different personalities.

It's hard not to figure out the big mystery in this film, but it does keep you in anticipation on how the secret will be revealed and reacted to. Both De Niro and Pacino give great performances and play well off of one another. The story is solid enough, although at times it seems a little pulp fiction-esque.

While there is a decent amount of gun play, I hesitate to put this film in the "action" section because it relies a great deal on the characters themselves. The "revealing" moment itself threw in a small string of flashback sequences that left me with the impression that someone went over the film and picked out snippits of scenes that might justify the reveal. While such reminders are often necessary in movies like Saw or The Sixth Sense to make the audience slap their foreheads and yell "Doh!", it was hardly necessary here.

Otherwise I thought it was a pretty good film and wouldn't mind seeing it again.

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