Thursday, March 13, 2014

Blood and Chocolate (2007)

This is another one of those aesthetically beautiful films that I enjoy watching so much. It's a werewolf story that plays out like a dark fairy tale, involving a young lupine woman who catches the attention of a young human man. Boy meets girl, girl runs away from boy, girl's monster finance tries to eat boy, girl turns into wolf to save boy...

While there is nothing that really sets this film apart from the other tragic werewolf love stories out there, the way that the story unfolds is quite nice to watch. It has a very "gentle" feel to it, despite the gang of nasty werewolves who enjoy snacking on the occasional human. While I am certainly not a big fan of computer-generated effects, even I have to admit that the way these folks transform has a very dreamy-poetic feel to it that works well for the film.

I would call this a fantasy film more than I would a straight horror film, but it is very nice to look at.

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