Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Saw IV (2007)

 (Review originally published in Oct 2007)

I’m about to say something I didn’t expect to say after seeing this film… I still enjoy the Saw series. Unlike so many other horror franchises that fizzle out by the third film and then continue to regurgitate variations of the same old chopping spree for umpteen sequels, Saw has continued to keep a strong storyline through four films now. In short, I’m pretty impressed.

However, as new characters are introduced to Jigsaw’s ultimate game I think that viewers may soon need a road map to keep track of who’s who in the plot. My suggestion is to watch the previous films prior to seeing the new installment just as a refresher.

For the gorehounds, there are buckets upon buckets of blood for your viewing pleasure, including the autopsy of everyone’s favorite psychotic cancer patient. Nicely done, if not entirely true to standard procedure.

On the downside, the traps were not quite as impressive and the ending not as clever as we’ve seen in earlier films, but it still kept my attention nonetheless. Jigsaw is still teaching painful lessons, albeit not quite so complicated ones.

I know that the fifth and sixth installments are in the works, and I am very curious to see if the series is able to follow through on a high note. So far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well it’s kept the story going, especially after killing off its primary black hat and not bringing him back ala Jason Vorhees.

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