Thursday, December 2, 2010

Black Christmas (2006)

Ahhhh, the holiday season. Time for colorful presents, blinking lights, tinsel garlands, and lots of eye-gouging. Yup, this film has everything one needs to put them into the spirit of Christmas.

I don’t know if the film-makers really intended for it to be silly, but it works. I really wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. Then again, I have a pretty odd sense of humor to begin with.

The story is the typical my-christmas-sucked-so-yours-will-too sort of deal complete with escaped mental patient with the wires crossed on his Christmas tree, a house with a sordid past, and a gaggle of sorority girls that make you wonder if the local university accepts only fashion models as students.

You know how many slasher films usually feature that one super-bitchy character that the viewing audience just can’t wait for the killer to meet? Well, in this film you have to start wondering why the friendly resident psychopath doesn’t just take down the whole house with TNT.

So while our victim list is chocked full of stereotypical sorority sisters that you’d like to see strung up like blinking lights across the front porch, there are a few minor character moments that are good for a laugh. My personal favorite being the distribution of the Christmas dinner to the inmates in the asylum…. “Merry Christmas….Merry Christmas….Merry Christmas….Happy Birthday….”

Of course, our holiday-traumatized killer dishes out far more than his notorious Christmas cookies, which should make the gore hounds out there very happy. He has a thing for both cannibalism and eyes, which is always a pretty nasty combination. He’s also pretty easy to recognize on account of his “rare liver disease” which is a little over the top in my opinion. Every time I saw him my mind kept flashing back to the last story in Sin City.

Don’t expect a lot of deep thought or surprise twists in this one. Just kick back and enjoy the slay ride. 

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